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DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just a couple weeks away! With a jammed pack schedule, it's hard to find time to come up with the perfect costume. Never fret, we are here to give you Five Super Easy, Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes!  1. A fish is always a hit! This costume only needs a few things, but is so adorable. Head over to Alpha Mom blog for the full tutorial. ... read article »

Fall in Love with Fall

What's on your Fall Bucket List? read article »

Six Fabulous, Yet Frivolous, Ways to Decorate for Fall

Fall decor is great because it lasts almost three months! You can put it up now and leave it up until it's time to decorate for Christmas. Plus, I may be bias but I think Fall decor is the cutest, coziest and so fun! Today we're sharing Six Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate for Fall!  1. Transform your Dollar Store pumpkins with this easy hack and a coup... read article »

5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

As a parent, we're all guilty of putting our children first. With a hectic schedule, it's often hard to find 'Me Time'. One way to relax, unwind, and work on your health is by staying active. If you're thinking "How could I possibly fit something else into my schedule?!", don't worry. We're here with 5 tips on how to incorporate fitness int... read article »

You’ll Eat Up these FIVE Fall Chili Recipes

Nothing gets me in the 'Fall Mood' like some yummy, comfort food. One of our family's favorite Fall recipes is chili! There are so many different kinds, you can never go wrong.. especially if it's a toss it in a crockpot and go type recipe. Here are five of our favorite Fall chilis that you have to try! 1. Every cookbook needs a classic chili recipe, this... read article »

Healthy Fall Food Swaps

Fall is just around the corner and it's one of our favorite times of year! One reason why is all the delicious flavors it brings into the kitchen! Soups, crockpot meals, chili, butternut squash, and PUMPKINS!  Lucky for us, pumpkin is not only delicious and easy but also healthy! Today we're sharing Five Healthy Food Swaps, pumpkin edition!  1... read article »

Six Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate for Fall

Fall decor is great because it lasts almost three months! You can put it up now and leave it up until it's time to decorate for Christmas. Plus, I may be biased but I think Fall decor is the cutest, coziest and so fun! Today we're sharing Six Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate for Fall!  1. Transform your Dollar Store pumpkins with this easy hack and a co... read article »

Homework like a Pro! 6 Homework Tips You’ll Love

The love of Fall around the corner comes balanced out by a dreadful equal.. Homework time.  No matter how great the benefits, or how much you wish that your child's teacher would lighten the load, it's inevitable and a nightly struggle at our house. Since you most likely don't want to spend every afternoon arguing with your sweet, little angels here ... read article »

5 Fun Back to School Lunch Ideas

It's officially back to school season! We know we start out the year on a high note but soon the hustle and bustle sets in. Making lunches seems simple but we quickly get into the peanut butter and jelly rut! Here are 5 Fun Lunch Ideas to Try this School Year!    Sneak in some greens and jazz up that boxed pasta salad with this Cold Chicken Spinach Pasta S... read article »

Fall Trial Mix Ideas

August is in full swing which means school is back in session, tailgating is around the corner and it's time to start thinking about Fall recipes. One of our favorite, family friend recipes are Easy Fall Trail Mix Ideas. Not only will you save money doing it yourself, but they are even tastier than store bought! Talk about a total mom win! -Kicking off our list is a F... read article »

Creative Back to School Photo Ideas

One of our family's favorite traditions is taking a fun Back to School Photo each year. It's so bittersweet watching your babies grow and having the photos is something you'll cherish forever. With the rise of social media, we love doing something fun and unique for all our friends and families to see! Today we've rounded up Five of the Best Back to S... read article »

Cleaning with Kids

A new school year is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to clean and reorganize your home. This is also a great time to teach children about cleaning, organization, and responsibility. Here are a few of our tips:  -Set Expectations Early. Make it a date with your children! Let them know a week before and remind them. Let them know it's a team acti... read article »

Summer Ice Cream Social

What a better way to celebrate Summer than with an Ice Cream Social?! Invite your child's friends over or have some one on one bonding time together, either way it will be a blast. We love this recipe for homemade ice cream from DIY Joy Blog: Ingredients: - 1 Mason Jar - Whipping Cream - 1 tsp Vanilla Extract - 1 tbsp Sugar Directions: 1. Fill a mason jar halfway wi... read article »

Keeping Children Safe with Technology: World Emoji Day

July 17th is World Emoji Day, and what a better time to chat about children and technology safety. Parents most likely grew up in a time that technology was nowhere near what it is today. There are so many apps, devices and websites becoming popular every day that it's hard to keep up. Don't worry, we're right there with you! You can be smart about what your ki... read article »

5 Ways to Stay Fit as a Family

We know as a parent, you want your children to be as healthy as possible! One of the best ways to teach your children how to be happy and healthy is to be active together. Here are a few of our favorite ways to Exercise with Children:  1.  This website has 10 Fun Fitness Ideas for Kids, No Equipment Needed. You'll work up a sweat while creating fun memories... read article »

5 Kid Approved 4th of July Recipes

School's out and Fourth of July is right around the corner! This family friendly holiday is such a fun celebration. If you're like us, one of our favorite ways to celebrate is with food.. lots of delicious, festive treats! Today we've rounded up 5 kid approved Fourth of July treats perfect for your big barbecue!! 1. These Firecracker Dogs are sure to wow the ... read article »

Flip Out for Social Fun!

      Come Get Social with Us!  Tumble Academy  www.TumbleAcademyby180Pro.com Find us on Instagram: @TumbleAcademy180Pro and Facebook!    Little Explorers  www.LittleExplorersby180Pro.com Find us on Instagram: @LittleExplorersAcademy180Pro and Facebook!    Dance Academy  www.DanceAcademyby180Pro.com Find ... read article »

Teaching Children about Peer Pressure

When my son was in second grade, peer pressure was one of the first topics they covered at the beginning of the year. While it is usually relatively harmless at that age, we thought, “Better nip this in the bud.” We taught him at home how to identify peer pressure and make his own decisions.  As he is finishing up his 3rd-grade year now, we feel he is well... read article »

Healthy Food Swaps: Go Bunless!

If you're looking to cut down on carbs and calories while adding extra nutrition, look no further. One of our favorite healthy-ish hacks is going bun-less! Here are a few ways and recipes that may lose the bun while adding major flavor! 1. Burgers are a summer staple, switch things up this season by using a crisp lettuce wrap instead of that carb filled bun! Plus, it adds... read article »

DIY Ice Cream Social

What a better way to celebrate Summer than with an Ice Cream Social?! Invite your child's friends over or have some one on one bonding time together, either way it will be a blast. We love this recipe for homemade ice cream from DIY Joy Blog: Ingredients: - 1 Mason Jar - Whipping Cream - 1 tsp Vanilla Extract - 1 tbsp Sugar Directions: 1. Fill a mason jar halfway wi... read article »

5 Educational Apps for Children

We will admit it, sometimes parents need a break! Even if your child is very active sometimes car trips, rainy days or waiting for your table.. an iPad or smartphone can be a lifesaver. Today we're sharing 5 apps that help your child stay quiet and happy when the situation is not in your favor! Don't worry, all the apps are educational so you don't have to feel... read article »

Easy Summer BBQ

Want to throw the PERFECT Summer BBQ but not sure where to start? Or maybe you just need some fresh inspiration? Well, we’re here to help! Enjoy our advice on your next CHEERFUL, Summer gathering! 1. Everyone loves a Potluck! You provide the meats and guests provide the sides! Most people have a dish they love to bring to potlucks and like to contribute what th... read article »

Summer Bucket List

Don't worry Moms and Dads, you're not the only one worried about Summer approaching! Yes, it's very exciting to spend more time with your young ones but it also means much more free time. Today we're giving you a fun way to make the most of Summer days. Start by making a '2019 Summer Bucket List' with your children. You could make one for each chil... read article »

Cool Mom Gadgets

Being a mom is hard work! Luckily, we're basically living in 'the Jetson's' age and every day new fun and exciting products are being released to make our day a little easier. Today we're routing up the coolest gadgets of 2019! It's the next best thing to being a super hero, even though your family already knows you have a huge selection of super p... read article »

Treat Yourself this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner! If you're a mom, you know you deserve a whole decade, not just a day. Nonetheless, it's a full day to spoil MOMS. If you're a mom reading this or know a mom who needs this, send it to her- because today we're sharing 5 Ways to Show Yourself Some Self Love this Mother's Day.  1. Have a mini pamper sessi... read article »

DIY Pedicure

After a long practice, a day at work or just a weekend spoil session, one of the best ways to relax is with a pedicure! If you want the fun of doing it at home or just looking to save a little money, don't worry we're breaking down everything you need + a step by step guide to the perfect at home pedicure. If you're looking for a fun activity to do with your li... read article »

Spring Slow Cooker Recipes

Often the word crockpot is associated with comfort food, savory soups, hearty meals, and winter memories. Today I'm here to mix up your definition of crockpot and give you 6 Delicious Spring Slow Cooker Recipes. -Spring days may be warm, but nights can still get a little chilly! Keep this Red Beans and Rice Recipe from Jen Reviews on hand for a happy, warm and fu... read article »

Spring Cleaning with Children

Spring is officially here which can only mean one thing - it's time for Spring Cleaning! Spring cleaning with kids can be stressful but with our tips, kids will not only learn about doing chores, help you and have fun! -Set Expectations Early. Make it a date with your children! Let them know a week before and remind them. Let them know it's a team activity that y... read article »

7 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Rock Your Mornings

Mornings can be a battle, especially with young kids. Make them a little more enjoyable by stocking your recipe cabinet with easy, fun and healthy breakfast ideas! Don't worry, we've done the hard work for you and rounded up 7 of the best breakfast ideas for on the go parents! 1. These Milk and Cereal Pops are number one on our list because they are SO fun and uni... read article »

6 Fun Easter Egg Ideas!

Bonding with your children is so very important, especially as they grow older! You'll always cherish the moments you spent doing special activities together, especially when you can look back and see how easy and mess free those moments were. The month of April is here, bringing warmer weather, longer days and Easter! One of the best Easter traditions is decorating ... read article »

Healthy Food Swaps: Zoodles

After an almost-spring-weekend, it's nice to have a few go-to dinner solutions that are healthy, fun and filling. A few weeks ago we shared our favorite 'rice hack' and this week we are sharing our favorite noodle hack! Meet 'zoodles', better known as zucchini noodles. This low-carb alternative veggie will have your kids splurging up pasta night withou... read article »

4 Rainy Day Activities to Try this Week

We're in the home stretch to Spring! The old saying is true, Spring Showers Bring the Flowers- which means parents are running out of at home activities (and patience!). Today we've found 4 rainy day activities that are easy to throw together, won't break the bank and will have your kids laughing and playing for hours! - This Tape Game is both fun and educatio... read article »

Potty Training Tips that Work, So You Don’t Have To!

The dread and excitement that approaches with potty training is inevitable! You are so excited to teach your toddler something new, watch them hit a new milestone and take a step towards childhood but at the same time there is fear that they will never learn, frustration with the process and overall another stress added to your day. Don't worry we're right there wi... read article »

Importance of Childhood Activities

The more your kids move, the better they will feel and the healthier they will be. We’ve all heard stories about professional athletes trying to mimic the movements of a baby and after an hour or so being completely exhausted. Before they walk, babies naturally get ready for that huge developmental step by constantly working their muscles: they wave their arms, pump ... read article »

6 Deliciously Adorable Valentine Treats

Love in the air, treats in our bellies! What isn't to love about Valentine's Day! Make memories while whipping up something delicious this year. These easy snacks are fun for you to enjoy at home or for your little one to share with their class. Today we've rounded up 6 Deliciously Adorable Valentine Treats!  1. Kicking off our list is an easy way to get ... read article »

Fun DIY Valentine Ideas

Happy February! The month of love is officially here and we are loving it. February brings the joy of Spring right around the corner and lots of Valentine events. Don't get caught cupid stupid this year, whip up one of these five adorable Valentine cards for your kids today! 1. I Only Have Eyes for You. All you need is some paper, markers and google-y eyes for th... read article »

5 Easy Ways to Clean the Dirtiest Place in Your Home

Raise your hand if you feel like you're always cleaning your house! Don't worry, you're not alone but I bet you're like us and always forget to clean your sink. Did you know studies show that it's usually the dirtiest place in your home? Yikes! Today we're sharing some tips on how to keep your sink sparkling clean and most importantly, bacteria free... read article »

5 Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child in Gymnastics Today

While gymnastics may not seem like it can help your child get more out of life in the long run, it actually does benefit your child for many years to come. Sure, the backflip ability may not be written on a college application or be a hot topic at their first job interview, but the skills and traits learned during their childhood years will last a lifetime! At Little Explo... read article »

5 Tips for Avoiding the Flu

[image source] Flu season is here and we are not happy about it! No one enjoys being sick or seeing their little ones under the weather. Since you can't lock your family in a bubble, we decided to share our five favorite tips to help avoid the flu this year. 1. Keep Germs Out. Stock up on travel size hand sanitizer and use it often, especially before eating or when l... read article »

Healthy Food Swaps: Sweet Potatoes

After a delicious Holiday season, it's always nice to welcome the New Year with healthier versions of your favorite recipes! Hitting the reset button will help you to tackle 2019 head on, while feeling like your best self. One of our favorite things to do to feel a little bit healthier, without missing out on your go to recipes is a healthy food swap. Replacing some... read article »

5 Holly Jolly Christmas Recipes

Christmas is a few away! If you haven't made your grocery list, time is ticking. Don't worry if you're stressing about your holiday menu, we have five last minute recipes that your family or friends are sure to love. 1. Your childhood favorite gets a fun and festive upgrade with this Pigs n a Blanket Wreath. This appetizer will make everyone smile. 2.  S... read article »

Dollar Store Christmas Decor You’ll LOVE

This week we welcome December! The most festive month of the year, but it can also be the most expensive. The presents, the parties, the decor! It can be quite the month. Cut down on the holiday stress with our adorable Dollar Store Christmas Decor tips.. - A pop of red, perfect for the holidays! You'll never believe this Berry Wreath was made with everything fou... read article »

6 Fun Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

Is there anything more fun than opening up your mailbox and seeing your favorite cousins, sister or even best friend smiling back at you?! The holidays is the best time of year because they're filled with joy, happiness, family and love! One of the most fun ways to spread your holiday cheer is with adorable Christmas cards. As your family and friends are coming over t... read article »

5 Black Friday Shopping Tips

Thanksgiving is next week which can only mean one thing, time to get ready for Black Friday shopping! Making sure your family has everything they want for Christmas is a tough job, especially while sticking to a budget. Here's 5 of our Favorite Black Friday Shopping Tips. 1. Clean out closets and playrooms to take inventory of what you have and what you need to buy. ... read article »

DIY Halloween Treats!

Halloween baking with your little ones is not only yummy and fun but also the perfect time to make memories! Get messy and have fun! If you're looking for some Halloween treats that are fun to make & fun to eat, look no further! Today we've rounded up 5 DIY Halloween Treats. 1. These Graveyard Brownies are both spooky and yummy! Plus, you could do all the coo... read article »

National Book Lover’s Day

Technology may be increasing in popularity, but there will always be something amazing about a classic book. Reading to your children is proven to have many benefits, so in honor of National Book Lover's Day we're sharing our 5 Favorite Children's Books & Activities for you to Try:  1. Kicking off our list is a classic every child will love! Read all ... read article »

National Cheesecake Day Recipes

July 30th was National Cheesecake Day, but really do you need a reason to celebrate the rich, delicious dessert? Here's a hint, the answer is no! In honor of a yummy day, we're rounding up the best recipes for you to whip up this weekend. Trust us, nothing wins over the crowd more than a homemade cheesecake. 1. We have to start our list with the classic Perfectly ... read article »

Our Favorite Infused Water Recipes

Dress up your daily hydration with infused water! Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint Infused Water.   Strawberry - Strawberries help improve eye care, proper brain function, relief from high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, and various cardiovascular diseases. They are beneficial for improving the immune system, preventing various types of cancers and reducing th... read article »