4 Rainy Day Activities to Try this Week
4 Rainy Day Activities to Try this Week

We're in the home stretch to Spring! The old saying is true, Spring Showers Bring the Flowers- which means parents are running out of at home activities (and patience!). Today we've found 4 rainy day activities that are easy to throw together, won't break the bank and will have your kids laughing and playing for hours!

- This Tape Game is both fun and educational. Using tape on your floor in the shape of different letters plus prompting them to 'Bear Crawl to the B' or 'Crab Walk to the C' will have your children moving and learning.

- Need a quick fix? Blow up a few balloons and have your children hit it up in the air as many times as possible without letting it touch the ground. Count together and have fun trying to beat their own goals each time!

- Are your children fascinated with insects and creepy crawlers? Make a life-size web for them to throw paper 'flies' into and crawl under via this tape game.

- Have an indoor scavenger hunt with this printable and keep your little one entertained for hours.

How do you beat the rainy day blues? We'd love to see, share on social media and tag us!