5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Your Busy Schedule
5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

As a parent, we're all guilty of putting our children first. With a hectic schedule, it's often hard to find 'Me Time'. One way to relax, unwind, and work on your health is by staying active. If you're thinking "How could I possibly fit something else into my schedule?!", don't worry. We're here with 5 tips on how to incorporate fitness into your busy day.

1. Make an appointment. Every Sunday evening, pull out your planner. Write down your exercises just like you would a meeting, doctor's appointment, etc. and treat it like a can't miss event. If you plan it out, you're more likely to feel like you are committed and can't cancel last minute. You're also less likely to have something else scheduled at the same time.

2. Do it with Family or Friends. This is killing two birds with one stone! Not only will you get quality time with someone who matters, but you will both be working towards a healthier lifestyle. Instead of calling your BFF for dinner, ask her for a walk around the neighborhood or head to dinner with your significant other and walk to a different location for dessert or coffee afterwards. It's the little changes that will begin to make a big difference!

3. Set a Goal! If you have an end in sight or something you're wanting to achieve, you are more likely to keep going until you reach it. Find a 5k, triathlon or even just a personal distance that you want to reach and set up a training plan. r

4. Find an at Home Workout. Find an online plan, workout video or at home treadmill to work out before your little one wakes up or after they fall asleep. I know it may be easy to want that hour for something else but just an hour for your body is so important and you will feel so great afterwards!

5. Do it while your child is busy. Enroll your child in Little Explorers and get a group of moms together to walk around the parking lot, block or neighborhood while they're in class. Not only will you make new friends, your child will be working towards a healthier lifestyle while having fun!

A few small adjustments and you can easily fit a small amount of fitness into your lifestyle! As a mom on the go, you're already very active so it won't take much more to hit your daily goal. For more information on Little Explorers, head to our site! Building a foundation of health and wellness is setting your child up for a lifetime of success.