About Little Explorers

January 2nd, 2012 ushered in and marked the launch of the first “Little Explorers Academy Program” at a Premier Athletics facility. As early as January 15th, prior to its official launch, the Little Explorers program boasted rather impressive numbers of 600 students across the Premier Athletics locations. Our Little Explorers program, a unique and impeccable program template, is designed based on experiences amassed by moms who spent years perfecting themselves as early childhood education teachers at some time in the past.  Their understanding of or for a child or children’s need and how to effectively navigate around them from a mother’s point of view makes them exceptional and absolutely priceless.

The Little Explorers Academy program has dedicated itself to developing a well-rounded preschool program with the hind and foresight of fostering growth and development through three basic elements; physical fitness, learning and most of all fun.  There are varying components to our Little Explorers Program, specifically and intelligently crafted to provide our preschoolers with host of mental and physical exercises such as; the power of positive learning, healthy fitness, strength, peer cooperation, motor skill development, and so much more.

The Little Explorers Academy offers an array of beneficial classes in fields of gymnastic with a focus on tumbling.  Our goal is structured around fostering growth through two basic principles of utmost importance; “learning and fun!”  The Little Explorers program includes well-crafted curriculums designed specifically for children within the age ranges “2-5 years” with a host of benefits all aligned in each and every one of the programs. Some of such benefits for these children participating includes; bolstered self-confidence, how to listen and follow directions, discipline, developing good motor skills and coordination, and improving strength and flexibility. The benefit to this program is endless and exceeds just physical fitness. Little Explorers nurtures the mind of the young child towards being more assertive, confident and happier in their journey towards adulthood. We encourage comfort, self-love, self-respect and self-belief within themselves and their body as they explore and learn there is no limit to what they can do.  We aspire to instill the discipline ascribed to success in them now and for the future.

The Little Explorers Academy incorporates music and games to inspire children to learn and grow both mentally and physically.  The importance of “Creative movement” is taught and practiced in every class.  In addition the Little Explorer class incorporates children’s yoga into their scheme as a means to help teach children how to find a safe link between breath, mind and body through effective attention stabilizing techniques. Yoga is also known to help increase strength and energy and enhances health which would be of benefit to the child.  The “art of Visualization” which is an integral part of yoga because it encourages and assists the formation of mental images as a means through which  the child can direct his or her attention and send messages to the body, will also be taught effectively.  Through visualization, they’d discover that they can affect their inner state and their ability to accomplish goals.

The Little Explorers Academy includes a monthly theme that is geared towards learning through gun. Each month includes a FUN FACTS section which is incorporated with the physical aspects of the class.  The Little Explorers program will include learning about animals, numbers, shapes, colors, healthy foods and so much more.  Our goal is to encourage growth both mentally and physically through Fun AND Fitness.