Keeping Children Safe with Technology: World Emoji Day
Keeping Children Safe with Technology: World Emoji Day

July 17th is World Emoji Day, and what a better time to chat about children and technology safety. Parents most likely grew up in a time that technology was nowhere near what it is today. There are so many apps, devices and websites becoming popular every day that it's hard to keep up. Don't worry, we're right there with you! You can be smart about what your kids are doing though, here are a few of our tips on Keeping Kids Safe with Technology: 

- Make sure that you set smart rules, a few of our basic rules include:

  • Don't give out any personal information
  • Never chat with strangers
  • If you see something upsetting tell someone you trust
  • Be nice to people online! 

- Mom Does Reviews Blog has a great article about Teaching Your Child Safe Internet Practices, being informed is the first step to success!

- YouTube is a scary place, it is easy for kids to end up on something they are not supposed to watch completely by accident. This article share 7 Great YouTube Alternatives for Kids.

- If you don't want to avoid YouTube, here are a few tips for staying safe on the app:

  • Turn on Restrictions to block inappropriate comments and flagged videos
  • Have your child watch YouTube only in common areas or where you can monitor the videos
  • Avoid using headphones so you can hear what they are listening to
  • On Mobile Devices, use 'Guided Access' in Apple Settings to lock them into a video that you have previously approved
What tips do you have for technology safety? We would love to hear them!