5 Tips for Avoiding the Flu
5 Tips for Avoiding the Flu

Flu season is here and we are not happy about it! No one enjoys being sick or seeing their little ones under the weather. Since you can't lock your family in a bubble, we decided to share our five favorite tips to help avoid the flu this year.

1. Keep Germs Out. Stock up on travel size hand sanitizer and use it often, especially before eating or when leaving crowded areas. Limit new germs by washing hands as soon as you get home.

2. No Sharing Allowed. Yes sharing is caring, but practice self care during these germ ridden months! Teach your children about not sharing food, drinks and towels to help lessen the spread of germs. Use paper towels for hands and cleaning.

3. Slow Things Down. Use a humidifier, Influenza moves slower in warmer air.

4. Save the Bedding. Clean hard surfaces first and save bedding for last. Influenza can survive on hard surfaces.

5. Be a Kid. When cleaning,  look at the house from a child's level. Don't forget cabinet handles and low drawers.

There are somethings you can't prevent but these tips can maybe keep your house a little bit healthier this year! What are your favorite tips for preventing illness? We would love for you to share on social media and tag us!