Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics

Among the greatest gifts we can bestow on a 3-5 year old is increased self-confidence. Gymnastics, with its myriad physical challenges, fortifies self-confidence in every participating preschooler. As we all know, self-confidence, or the lack thereof, can have major long-lasting effects on all activities in your child’s life.  Do you want a more self-confident preschooler? Won’t this help prepare them for kindergarten? Does greater self-confidence open doors for them? Do they learn more because they ask more questions? Do they learn more because they are confident in their abilities? The answer is YES. Gymnastics opens an entirely new world of opportunities for a confident young student.

Absolutely crucial: Teaching the little ones to stop, listen and learn is essential. Getting them to “stop” is a challenge in itself. Getting them to maintain eye contact and focus is challenging. Teaching them to listen to our words without distraction is of course difficult. Let’s think about word usage and comprehension especially in our brave new online world substandard grammar. Gymnastics offers you so many chances to practice these skills with your preschooler. Listening and following directions begins the process of thinking before acting. There is a right way to behave and accomplish tasks. Preschool gymnastics creates situations where listening, learning and following directions can be absorbed.

Don’t all preschoolers need activities in their lives where discipline and control are important? Do they also need involvement of rules in daily socialization? Learning what is and what isn’t acceptable? All children need to have their basic discipline training at home augmented by similar rules and regulations outside the household. The highly organized structure of preschool gymnastics classes serves to reinforce this, while still being exciting for the kids.  Your gymnastics instructors will also teach how personal actions affect others. Discipline isn’t merely about rules and the child, but also how those rules enable your child to navigate his environment.

The bulk of a preschooler’s life is preoccupied with the physical as opposed to the intellectual. So, their physical world can be made more comfortable, through gymnastics instruction, as we help them utilize muscle coordination, and thereby strengthen them. As adults, surely we understand that a well-coordinated child will encounter fewer physical challenges throughout life, including the emotional rigors of PE class, which can be heartbreaking for those kids unable to perform. In gymnastics, children will learn how to run properly, and to move with superb fluidity and balance. Gymnastics, arguably both a sport and an art, allows us to hone your child’s coordination during every class.  Don’t we want our preschoolers to be better runners? Better at walking backwards? Better at skipping and leaping? More adept at all of the physical activities that make up so much of their lives? Don’t you think that it will make them feel better to be more coordinated?

It may seem almost laughable to wish 3-5 year-olds to be stronger and fitter, but let’s keep in mind the childhood obesity crisis looming in this country. A mastery of gymnastics is among the best activities we know for keeping your child fit, flexible, and most important, at a healthy body weight, which also promotes a secure self-image. There’s so much going on in every preschool gymnastics class. Many assume that children are only learning forward rolls. Far from it! They’re learning the ultimate exercise.

Somewhere between their first steps and their first bike ride is their first gymnastics class. Listed on this page are but a few of the countless benefits of preschool gymnastics. Not only will it set a solid foundation for any future sport your child may choose, it also better prepares them to handle life’s everyday situations, both physical and mental. Preschool gymnastics is an excellent springboard for developing skills and attitudes that will enable them to be more successful in all endeavors.  We want your child to be more confident and happier in their journey as they grow. We want each of them to feel comfortable with their body and what it can achieve. We want to help them be successful now and in the future. You will be giving your child a priceless gift by enrolling him or her in preschool gymnastics.