Gymnastics / Tumbling Classes

Little Explorers gymnastics classes are a great way for your preschool to build self confidence, motor skills and coordination. Classes help children to learn to follow directions and prepare for preschool and kindergarten. In addition they will build strength and learn to have fun while being physically active. Little Explorers unique thematic lesson plans and learning tools combine gymnastics fundamentals with learning for a great experience. Gymnastics is great preparation for any sport or activity your child may want to do in the future!

Parent and Tot

Parent and Tots classes are designed for preschoolers age 2. Boys and girls love to spend time with mom or dad while taking class. Read more »

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tot classes follow the same curriculum as our Parent/Tot class but are designed for those 2 ½ - 3 year olds who are able to function in a class environment on their own without mom or dad.  They will be safely and successfully introduced to the floor, beam, bar and trampoline as well as all the basic gross motor skills they need to carry them through any a... Read more »

Super Tots

Super Tots gymnastics classes are designed for girls and boys age 3. Classes are taught with thematic lessons plans to encourage and permit creative growth and development while building strength, self confidence and so much more. Read more »

Mighty Tots

Might Tots gymnastics classes are designed for girls and boys age 4. The Mighty Tots Little Explorer will successfully learn to master all the four important elements; floor, beam, bar and the trampoline. The preschooler will enjoy the added advantage of being introduced to the vault safely and successfully over the course of his or her learning. We’d implore and inc... Read more »

Girls High 5

Girls High 5 is designed for girls age 5. Here, the Little Explorer will successfully embark on a beginner’s course to safely and successfully learn elements of the floor, beam, bar, vault and the trampoline. We’d also incorporate creative movement, learning and yoga to help build focus, strength, and body awareness while having FUN! Thematic lessons are used w... Read more »